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If you are like me, the last thing you want to come across is a spider.  Most spiders are harmless and are more afraid of us than we are of them.  Knowing that doesn’t help those of us who won’t step into a room once a spider has been sighted. It has too many legs and too many eyes to not be considered a small monster. I am all for finding out ways to get rid of these horrifying pests.

The easiest and most terrifying way to get rid of a spider is to confront it one-on-one.  Manually removing it is the best way; no chemicals needed.  Get that broom and whisk it away.  Or brush it away with a paper towel.  If these methods are creeping you out because you just know the spider will fall back on you, get your handy vacuum.  You can keep a great distance from the spider by using a long attachment.

Ok, the next thing to know about spiders is that they like to hide in piles of stuff that don’t get moved on a regular basis.  Do you have piles of wood near your house?  Chances are there are some spiders living amongst those pieces of wood.  Items stored in your basement, attic or garage are probably another spot you will find spiders making their home.  Try to sweep and dust these areas in your house regularly to reduce the chance that the spiders will find a cozy place to hang out.

As with any pest, a spider can enter your home through the smallest opening.  They are masters at locating that crack in the foundation or rip in the screen.  Do a thorough inspection of your home and repair and seal any of these openings.

But what about the outside of your home?  Now things are getting complicated, right?  Not really.  If you notice spiders hanging around under the overhang of your roof or the ceiling of your porch or even under window sills, you can just wash them away.  That’s right, grab a hose with a good amount of pressure and get to rinsing them right off your home.

The last way to ensure that your home is spider free is to have a pest control professional do regular treatments in and out of your house.  After a home inspection the pest control professional will know exactly what needs to be done so those spiders stay away and you have peace of mind.

23 Feb

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