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Beach located directly south of Cape Canaveral Beach in Florida

What Can a Pest control Specialist Offer Me?

If you live in Florida, you’ve dealt with pests. Whether of the insect variety or the animal variety, it’s impossible to avoid. One day one of the common pests of Florida will get you. They’ll invade your house, your yard, your garage, or all of the above. Fortunately, you have the internet and you will […]

06 Feb
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Pest Control for Cockroaches

Just hearing the word “cockroach” is enough to send shivers down the spines of most people.  When you see one scurry across the floor, those feelings of dread are often multiplied.  And to top it all off, Florida cockroaches are notoriously large, far surpassing the size of cockroaches you would find in other states.  Where […]

19 Oct
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Kick the Ticks in Cocoa

Ticks have become a real issue for so many, and when it comes to being in warmer areas with taller grass; they are even more abundant and troublesome. Ticks are nasty, can carry bad diseases and cause an assortment of issues for people and animals that are trying to live around them. We can provide […]

05 Aug
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The Super Roach Unmasked and Exposed in Cocoa Beach

What exactly is the super roach? Are they all not super? You can cut their heads off and they will live inside your Cocoa Beach home forever, won’t they? Roaches are little insects that no one wants to deal with because of their ability to live on forever inside homes, dark places and crawling in […]

15 Jul
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What Exactly is Pollinator Health and Why is it Important?

Much discussed, and rarely spoken about; pollinator health is actually quite important to the environment and everyone that lives in it. Bees that pollinate the flowers and other plants around where you live are important to have. In order to provide us with the herbs, food items, spices and medicine that we use on a […]

06 Jul
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Eradicate Termites before they Annihilate the Structure of Your Home

Relocating into a new home is a very exciting time. You are achieving the goals of many by owning your own home, and at the same time relocating into a better area for you and your family. However, sometimes moving into a new home can be added stress on the homeowner, especially if there are […]

27 May
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Do-it-Yourself Extermination Versus Hiring a Professional

There are millions of people who have attempted at least one do-it-yourself project. Some people have tried more than one. Those with another knowledge on a certain topic could potentially do a lot by themselves instead of hiring contractors and other licensed professionals to do it for them. When it comes to things like pest […]

17 May
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