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an ability to directly or indirectly influence other humans or animals in such a way as to shape a desirable outcome

Could Spiders be Helpful?

Among those that HATE spiders, the joke goes like this: Q:  What should you do if you see a spider in your house? A:  Burn down the house! Now we certainly don’t recommend this approach.  And if you see a spider in your house and don’t wish to deal with it, simply call us and […]

23 Mar
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Dry Wood Termites Prevention and Treatment

In Florida, when we think of termites, we think of subterranean termites for the most part. Subs come from the ground and find their way into a home via a small opening near plumbing or a crack in the foundation. From there they eat you home from the ground up. Treatment for subs normally includes […]

13 May
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