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provision of everything that is necessary to grow healthy grass of the same kind that is maintained (mowed, irrigated, treated for pests, etc.) within a particular piece of land on private or public property

Lawn Pest Control

How to Stay on Top of Pest Control for Your Lawn

Its March and temperatures are rising. That means that humidity will be rising as well. Humidity and sun equal lawn bugs and other pests. The list of pests includes ticks, spiders, fire ants, and snakes. It also includes mosquitoes. In this article we will suggest some tips for keeping your lawn clear of pests and […]

11 Mar
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Preparing your yard for the hot summer!

We’re now well into the spring and headed directly towards the hot summer.  Unfortunately, during the hot summer months, your beautiful lawn may not look quite as lush or as green.  But this doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel.  We have some helpful tips for you to prepare your yard for the […]

01 Jun
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How to Control Dollar Weed in Florida

If you live in Florida and you have a lawn, then you’ve dealt with Dollar Weed. Once Dollar Weed appears in your yard, if left unchecked, you have an entire lawn of nothing but this pest. It spreads quickly, choking out your St, Augustine or Bahia grass. Once there, it is difficult to get rid […]

10 May
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All about Grubs!

In this area of Florida, it’s not unusual to look around your back yard and find spots of dead or dying grass.  If these spots are yellow or brown in color it may be an indication of a grub infestation.  Grubs are the larvae of scarab beetles, June beetles, Japanese beetles or May beetles.  These […]

03 Apr
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Managing the Critters!

When most people think of outdoor pest control, they often think of termites or fire ants or some other type of small annoying insect that can be managed through proper lawn care. However, there is a larger class of pests that need to be addressed. These include raccoons, skunks, deer, snakes, alligators, armadillos, and other […]

02 Apr
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