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plant-feeding bugs with a shield-like shape that do not present any particular dangers to a human being; stink bugs emit a bad smell

Most Common Bugs in Florida Part 3

This is the third and final installment in our three part series titled “Most Common Bugs in Florida”.  This series features the most common bugs in our state. These are bugs you have seen your entire life and perhaps you didn’t know what they were called. Our first bug is no stranger to any of us: […]

29 May
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Pest Control in Indiatlantic, Florida

Ask anyone who lives in central Florida and they’ll tell you how quickly the winds and weather can change. Here at Sunstate Pest Management we understand that the regulations and application procedures of our pest control products are no different. That’s why we work tirelessly to keep abreast of the evolving standards and procedures within […]

26 Feb
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Stink Bugs in Florida

One of the negative aspects of our increasingly mobile world is the introduction of invasive species into the United States, unwelcome hitchhikers in bags and cargo from other countries. On average, Florida sees approximately a dozen new insect species in a year as a result of this type of passage. One of the more recent […]

01 Nov
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