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You Need Melbourne, FL Rodent Control Services

There is never just one of them.  They expand their nests until they are too numerous and then head out in families to find the next homestead.  They carry diseases and can damage your home’s foundation or attics.  If you are hearing scurrying and scampering in your walls or above your head, waste no time in calling a Melbourne rodent removal service.

Rats, Mice and Squirrels, Oh My!

This trio of rodents has been plaguing humanity for centuries.  Central Florida is known for it’s higher than average rodent population given the abundance of available food and weather favorable to reproduction.  These sneaky and bold omnivores can find any crack or crevice and set up shop in your home without you realizing it until it’s too late.


Rats are most active at night.  Depending on the species, they will climb onto your roof and find even a ½ inch opening to squeeze their greasy bodies through.  Sometimes they will find a crack in the foundation and eat their way in.  They will find their way into your walls and before you know it, you will reach for one in your pantry instead of your morning cereal.  They are very difficult to poison because they will not trust any new food source for weeks.


They also prefer secretive tactics.  You are more likely to find their droppings before you actually see one.  But if you do happen to see one, it is past time to call a Melbourne pest servicer.  Did you know within just a few months populations can grow by around 200?


They are not happy sticking to the trees it seems.  They will find a way into the attic, unless there is already a rat family taking up residence.  Those two do not get along very well.  But if you allow squirrels to reside in your attic, they will chew up insulation and electrical wires.  They make a costly mess and can significantly damage the exterior of your home as well as the interior.

Defend Your Home

The ideal way to prevent rodents from claiming your home is to ensure all entry points are sealed up and check them often if you have had rodents recently removed.  They are all creatures of habit and will return to previous nest sites.  Ensure your household trash is secured in bins.  Any tree limbs should be trimmed so they are not touching your home, giving them easy access.  It still may be necessary to have a regular maintenance service with bait boxes.

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