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Also known as “Soldier City”. Dt. Cloud has a strong sense of pride in its heritage.

Unbeknownst to many people who live in the area today, St. Cloud was actually formed as a retirement community for Civil War Veterans. Its moniker for a long time was “The Friendly Soldier City”.

Here we are 150 years post Civil War and the area is thriving as a decent sized small town located in Osceola county. At last census it was home to about 35,000 residents and recent estimates have it at closer to 50,000 residents.

Most people not from the area lump it in with Orlando and consider it just a suburb of the thriving city. But the town is actually 26 miles from Orlando and has an identity all its own.

There is some popular culture tied to St. Cloud. Tennessee Williams wrote a play set in St. Cloud called Sweet Bird of Youth. And Adam Sandler filmed his popular “Waterboy” movie here.

Pest Control

Just like any town in Central Florida, St. Cloud has its pests. There are all the types of bugs and animals that one associates with Florida: ants, mosquitoes, rodents, raccoons, spiders, reptiles, amphibians and other insects. Sunstate Pest Control services the St. Cloud area and can have a technician give you a free estimate today.

Pest control in St. Cloud is very affordable and once you have your pest problem under control, you will be very glad you made the decision to do so.

Most Common Pests in St. Cloud

As you may imagine, the same pests which affect much of the southeastern United States also affect St. Cloud. We do have a higher concentration of palmetto bugs and ants than they do north of here. But you will see all the normal scavengers like rats, mice, roaches, silverfish and more.

No matter what your pest problem, please consider Sunstate Pest for your pest control needs if you live in St. Cloud or surrounding areas.

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