lawn pest care for bugs and insects

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lawn pest care for bugs and insects

Sunstate Pest Management’s Lawn Care Program

Lawn Care Program

Your lawn is the best way for you to “show off” to your neighbors.  It is also our best way to show off what we can do. Our lawn care program not only shows results, it shows them quickly!  We have put forth much time and effort into research throughout the industry in order to formulate treatment designs for Florida’s various types of grass, soil, and weather conditions. The time-released micro nutrients that we use are environmentally friendly and provide a much longer defense and nourishment span, which builds a healthier lawn while assisting in the prevention of weeds, insects, and fungus. Custom blends of granular and liquid fertilizer are applied to address the seasonal needs of your individual lawn. Insect controls are applied to repress lawn damaging insects such as chinch bugs, sod webworms, and mole crickets.


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