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rats, mouse, rodent control

Sunstate Pest Management’s Rodent Control Service

Catching, Killing and Repelling Rodents

When the seasons change and it is hard to find food such as seeds, fruits, etc. Rodents will seek an alternative place, such as your home, for food and shelter.  To help prevent such problems, your garbage should be kept in a metal or heavy duty container with an air tight lid. Dry pet food should be stored in a metal or plastic container with an air tight lid. Keep your kitchen clean and store dry foods such as cereal or crackers in plastic containers with tight lids or store in refrigerator. Evaluate the exterior of your home for holes and areas accessible for entrance into your home then seal them properly. Remove all debris from around your home.Should a sneaky little rodent find its way into your home Sunstate Pest Management will come out, evaluate the problem, and set up a pet/child friendly program to rid your home of the pest.

We will not only treat any existing problem but we will work to prevent future problems by eliminating any possible access that the rodents may have into your home.The cost of obtaining professional rodent control will vary depending on the size of the property and the severity of the infestation, as several visits may be necessary.


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