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Palm Bay Florida has wild and wonderful spots as well as one of the largest residential areas in all of Central Florida.

Many people think of Palm Bay as a suburb or “add-on” of Melbourne, but that isn’t quite true. Palm Bay has its own rich history that even precedes the United States. The area was home to native Americans know as the Ais, or Ays. The fresh natural spring water of Turkey Creek drew these people to the area. They lived there for many years and called this area home.

In more modern times, Palm Bay was home to theĀ Indian River Catholic Colony. This group attempted to grow crops around the Turkey Creek area at the turn of the 20th century. They depleted the soil very quickly and it became unusable because of over-farming. The colony failed. Later, in the 1920’s, the population that was still around gave Palm Bay its current name.

Today, Palm Bay is home to well over 100,000 people. The town is mostly made up of families and industrial parks. It is home to a 454,000 square foot facility own by Harris Corp.

Pests can be an issue in Palm Bay. If you live in this area and need help keeping invading animals or bugs at bay, call us today atĀ 1-800-781-PEST (7378)

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