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Common Spiders Native to the Palm Bay Area

Tropical weather, lush vegetation, and an overabundance of food make for the prime habitat of Florida spiders.  There are many species native to our area, some harmless and others quite deadly.  It is important to know how to identify them.

The Black Widow

One of the most well-known spiders in the world is the easiest to identify.  The female black widow is a very shiny unmistakably black spider with a red to orange hourglass sign on its abdomen.  It is like a warning that time is of the essence when bitten by one of these Palm Bay natives.  Some say the venom is 15 times more potent than the venom of a rattlesnake.  However, healthy adults rarely die from it.  Elderly and small children have a much harder time though. The males are much smaller and lighter in color, but they are also poisonous.  If you have been bitten, seek medical attention right away.  Their bites are extremely painful and produce debilitating side effects that result in nausea and difficulty breathing.

The Brown Recluse

This spider carries a disturbing reputation; however, it is called a recluse because it prefers to hide in dark and damp places.  They are brown and have a classic fiddle shape on their abdomen.  It is not aggressive and only bites if threatened.  When it does bite the wound becomes very painful and in some cases necrosis sets in.  Depending on the amount of venom released, the flesh will begin to die and form an open wound that needs immediate medical attention.  Some smaller children have experienced fatal side effects.

The Banana Spider

These spiders would have you think they are venomous due to their bright coloration, but they are only dangerous if you are an insect.  The females have bright yellow and shiny black to brown stripes on their long legs.  They are very large spiders with their brown abdomen shaped like a banana.  It sometimes has small white spots on it as well.  Their webs are very large and hard to miss.  If you are bitten by one, you can expect to feel it; however, a welt is about all you will get.

There is no way to fully eradicate these Florida native species of spiders; however, if they are a nuisance to your property a Palm Bay pest control company can come out and remove them.

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