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Toward the northern side of Brevard County, Rockledge got its name for the ledges of coquina rock that are prominent along the shoreline on the Indian River.

Our main office is located right here in Rockledge. We have been in business since 1980 and have been a proud part of this community. We may serve all of Brevard County, and all the way out to Orlando, but we are proud to call Rockledge Florida our home.

More About Rockledge

Many folks don’t know this but Rockledge is the oldest incorporated municipality in Brevard County. It was founded August 7, 1887. It was named for the many rocks that line the Indian River. The name is credited to Cephas Bailey Magruder.

More About Our Services

Sunstate Pest offers every kind of pest service that you can imagine regarding pest control. These pest control services are :

  • flying pest control
  • rodent control
  • bee removal
  • termite control and inspection
  • pest lawn care
  • regular preventative treatments

Pest Control for Rockledge Florida

Our prices are fair and our service and technicians are outstanding. If you live in Rockledge Florida and you need help with your pest problem, please call us at 321-632-9262

The most common pests we see in Rockledge are insects like ants and roaches as well as rodents like mice or rats. We can handle just about any pest problem you are faced with.


More About Rockledge Florida

Rockledge is a great place to watch launches. We are positioned right near the Kennedy Space Center launch area in Central Florida. In fact, over the decades, many NASA employees and engineers have made Rockledge their home. You can watch the launches from your yard, a campground if you are visiting, or drive right on over closer to the launch pad.

In modern history our fine city was known for orange groves and large orange retail and wholesale outlets like Harvey’s. Today, Rockledge is more of a suburban community know as a great, non-overpopulated place to raise a family.


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