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Pest Control in Rockledge, Florida

The city motto of Rockledge in Brevard County, Florida is “Preserving The Past, Planning The Future.” Well here at Sunstate Pest Management we know a third important consideration to all residents of Rockledge, Florida is the health, happiness and safety of their family members in the here-and-now. That’s why we’re committed to offering affordable pest control to residents of Rockledge and the surrounding central Florida communities.

The warm, humid climate in Rockledge, Florida and the significant rainfall creates an ideal environment for a variety of pests which breed in wet conditions (like mosquitos) or seek a warm dry place to make their home (like rodents). The runoff from Rockledge city proper into the Indian River Lagoon causes special concern for central Florida residents worried about mosquito-borne diseases. We recommend an aggressive regimen of pest control measures to keep the mosquito population in check, particularly during the wet summer months when residents can anticipate average monthly rainfall from 6 to 7.7 inches.

We regularly visit our neighbors in Rockledge to assist in the safe removal of wasp nests and bee hives. These flying insects are common in central Florida and frequently build their nests under the eaves, in a crawl space or in an abandoned rodent tunnel. Sheds, garages or a seldom-used attic are also common places to find a wasp or hornet nest.  Even if the nest is on the edge of your property in a tree or downed log it’s a good idea to prevent injury and eliminate the risk of a neighborhood child happening upon the nest by calling pest control to have it removed. While many homeowners try to save money by purchasing a can of insecticide for a DIY job it’s important to remember that the effects of spraying harmful chemicals into the air can linger on your property long after the bees or wasps are gone. Sunstate Pest Management uses safe, environmentally friendly products to eliminate wasps and bees on your property and we make sure that once we leave not only are your pets and children safe from the risk of painful stings – they won’t be at risk of poisonous chemicals either.

If rodents have made their way into your central Florida home it can be difficult for homeowners to know where to place traps or how to identify points of entry into their home. An experienced pest control professional will not only know where to place traps to ensure the rodents are quickly eliminated – he or she can also help guarantee that more pests don’t move into your home by pointing out likely entry points and educating you about what to watch for in the future.

We care a lot about the safety and well-being of our neighbors, so if you’re facing a pest control issue in Rockledge, Florida we hope you’ll give us a call and allow a member of our team to quickly address your issue and get things back to normal.

14 Nov

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