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One Roach is One Roach Too Many

I know that in popular culture we use phrases like the one in the title as sort of a way to make a strong statement. “No child left behind” and “one Covid death is one too many” are great examples of this. But when we say one roach is one too many we really mean it. And here’s why:

If you turn on the light late one night and see a roach, you may think “hey that’s not bad, first roach I have seen in years”. But the fact of the matter is that roaches are not loners. They are always part of a bigger group we call a “nest”. Their sheer reproductive rate dictates that a single roach can become hundreds in just a few days.

Don’t Freak Out

There is often a hidden world of bug activity just out of plain sight of human beings. These critters have learned how to avoid us and wait for our slumber so that they may snack on our crumbs.

It is important not to freak out when you see one roach because the fact of the matter is the roach or its ancestors have been living along side of you in your home for months or even years.

What to Do

Call your pest control company at your earliest convenience. Tell them you saw a roach and you would like an immediate inspection and estimate. They will dispatch someone within a day or two. They also know that one roach usually equals many more hidden away in crevices or under the home.

What Not to Do

Do not run out, buy a bunch of chemical sprays and spray your house down. This can be dangerous. A pest control specialist knows how much and where to safely administer pest control treatment. Leave it to the experts.


You may be surprised how affordable it is to have a professional pest control agent come by every month or every other month to treat your home. Its a great piece of mind knowing that when you go to sleep there isn’t a roach party happening in your kitchen. Even if you are a very clean person, roaches can thrive on the tiniest particles of food and are attracted to water of any kind.

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