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Flea Control in Rockledge Florida

If you live in Rockledge, Florida then chances are you’ve had a run in with fleas. Sunstate’s pest control experts have been besieged with calls about fleas and the fact is that if you’re a pet owner you’re going to have fleas at some point. Fleas like to get on animals but in a pinch they’ll be just as happy to drink your blood. If you have small children it’s a good idea to be especially vigilant and if you spot fleas contact your local pest control expert to address the situation.

When you know that someone in your immediate vicinity has dogs then you are at risk for fleas and so are your children.

What to Do

Getting started is easy.  All that you have to do is to pick up the phone and call Sunstate Pest Management. Rockledge, Florida residents are our neighbors and when you call we’ll treat you like family, scheduling an inspection right away.

When our trained pest control professional arrives he or she will inspect the house and the grounds, looking for signs of activity from a number of different critters.  These can be cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, fleas, spiders and even termites.  He will also check for things such as bees, wasps, rats, mice as well as some other different types of rodents.

Most of the time, these inspections are done for free and they’re a way to provide an accurate estimate of the work that is required and the cost so you can make an informed decision about what to do next. Our exterminators will use different tools to check different areas of the house and yard.  They will also pay close attention to any out buildings such as garages and sheds as well as under your bushes and in your trees for signs of detrimental bug infestation.

What comes next?

When the inspection is complete, your Rockledge, Florida pest control professional will offer a report detailing his findings. He will also describe a plan of attack for these critters. This plan of attack will generally include spraying different types of insecticides, setting traps for the specific pest, closing up any points of entry that the pests have been using as well as getting rid of any suspected areas of breeding.  You should expect an additional offer of future inspections as well as a guarantee to get rid of the fleas or other pests from any reputable pest control company.

Once the homeowner agrees to a plan of attack then they schedule a time for the extermination team to come out and get rid of the pests. With fleas, generally the homeowner has to leave for this to be done due to the toxins in the chemicals that are used.  Often the homeowner can return within 2 to 6 hours.

If you suspect that you have fleas or other types of insects in your home then it is best that you call and schedule an appointment with a Rockledge, Florida pest control company as soon as you possibly can.  It is time to take your home back from those pesky little critters and be free to relax in your home again.

17 Feb

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