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Sunstate Pest Management’s Pest Control Service

The pest control industry is an industry that must change and adapt constantly due to things such as the weather, pest adaptation and resistance, introduction of imported/non-native pests, and ever changing laws which protect us and our environment.

Sunstate Pest Management is your best choice for the control of household pests. We diligently pursue the use of integrated pest management, utilizing new application methods and techniques. These techniques include gels, baits, and dust applied to strategic sights where pests are known to live and breed.

We have developed an exterior treatment program to target pests before they enter your home. Should an unwanted pest gain access to your home, we will provide interior treatment at no additional charge.

We also offer interior and/or exterior treatment to target pests such as German roaches, ghost ants, pharoah ants, silverfish, and pantry pests. Services are offered monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually. One time services are available for specific issues. Allow us to develop a service plan to address your needs and fit your budget.

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