Month: August 2015

Super Hybrid Termites Invade Florida – Part 2

We are constantly amazed and in awe of the dynamic aspects of the ecological systems found in nature.  The world around us provides unlimited opportunities to discover and learn about the nature of our planet.  Scientists have discovered the evolution of a new breed of termite, one that is quickly spreading across Florida and altering […]

27 Aug
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Mantis Style

Few creatures behold the elegant mystique status in the world as the legendary Praying Mantis.  This segment is all about the amazing world of this insect and its impact on culture spanning centuries. Their stoic beauty stirs our curiosity and seeds our imagination with fantastic stories and personified fables. Powerful yet graceful, they are masters […]

19 Aug
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Super Hybrid Termites Invade Florida

Two of the world’s most destructive termite species are swarming Florida, and the fact that they are cross breeding could pose serious environmental and ecological consequences.  Although we make a business out of removing termites from homes and businesses, we believe that everyone should have information available to them that can limit termite activity around […]

18 Aug
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What You Need to Know About Bee Removal Services

Bees can be a major problem for all ages.  With the anaphylactic threat for some more sensitive individuals, removing bees is a serious job.  The most common in the Melbourne, Florida area is the aggressive African Honey Bee (AHB).  Bees should never be attempted to be eradicated on your own, especially this species.  You are […]

17 Aug
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Advanced Mosquito Control

Here at Sunstate Pest Management, we specialize in full service integrated mosquito management programs designed to control nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes, while protecting the natural environment.  Mosquito control does not have to be expensive or involve widespread spraying. Surveillance is essential because it allows for good decision making, such as, whether there is a […]

08 Aug
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Protecting Your Fruit Trees in Melbourne, Florida

Fruit trees provide a large contribution to Florida’s economy… and to roof rats.  Our weather is perfect for growing a wide variety of fruit tree species, including citrus, peaches, fig and avocados.  It also is the prime habitat for a large variety of insects.  Both are prime food sources for this destructive species of omnivorous […]

04 Aug
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