Month: August 2014

Head Lice

Back-to-school time brings new books, new friends, homework in the evenings again and if you are one of the unlucky few, it may also mean head lice.  In a school situation where children are in close quarters with hundreds of other children, lice can spread extremely quickly. Lice (plural of louse) are a parasite.  They […]

29 Aug
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Fungus Gnats

It is extremely aggravating to water your plants only to see little tiny black bugs fly out and into the air surrounding the plant.  If this happens to you, there is a good chance you have just encountered fungus gnats.  These little black nuisance bugs lay their eggs in the soil of both indoor and […]

26 Aug
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Loving the Love Bug?

Floridians don’t love the Love Bug – especially, when these critters start feeling amorous in the months of May and September.  During these months, these red and black flies swarm around the roadways and make themselves a nuisance to Florida drivers. What is the Love Bug? In reality, a Love Bug is not a bug […]

13 Aug
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All about Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers

Although most Florida residents don’t think about grasshoppers too much, we do have a species here that can occasionally cause quite a bit of havoc.  The eastern lubber grasshopper is found throughout the south-central United States, including Florida.  It is a type of grasshopper that is not known for its jumping skills.  In fact, it […]

08 Aug
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Are Ladybugs Helpful Bugs?

There are some people who absolutely refuse to kill ladybugs.  If they find them inside, they will gently move them outside so as not to harm them.  For more than a thousand years, ladybugs have a reputation for being “helpful” bugs.  In medieval times, ladybugs were thought to be sent from heaven in order to […]

05 Aug
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All about Spider Mites

What are they? Spider mites are pests that can normally be found on common household plants.  They like indoor plants and outdoor plants.  Just like their name implies, they are a type of arachnid or spider. They are extremely small and can often be difficult to see with the human eye.  Some reports state they […]

02 Aug
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