Month: May 2017

fire ants Brevard County

What Can I Do About These Fire Ants?

Fire ants can be a problem. They are invasive and worse than that, they bite. For people who are sensitive to the fire ant’s bite it is essential to control the fire ant population on your property. In Melbourne, Florida that is a year-round activity. Though there are products that consumers can buy to eradicate […]

30 May
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spiders Melbourne FL

These Spiders Are Scary

Unless you are dealing with black widow spiders or brown recluse spiders you really have nothing to fear when it comes to spiders in your home. Most spiders may be creepy, but are harmless. If one bites you there may be a little swelling, but no more than a mosquito bite and it will go […]

23 May
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What Is Available to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

There are the usual over-the-counter remedies like Yard Guard. These are dispersal devices that fog the area that you want protected. The fog lasts long enough to kill the adult mosquitoes that are in the area and for at least this party, you’ll be good. But Yard Guard type products only last so long. They […]

15 May
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How Do You Get Rid of Fleas?

Fleas are pesky and it seems like once you have them in your house you can’t get rid of them. No matter where you sit, there’s a flea jumping on you. Flea infestations are bad and they are hard to control. It frequently helps to understand the flea; its habits, habitat and life cycle. It […]

04 May
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Pest Control Myths You Should Know

There are myths about everything you come across in life. With everything from what someone says to someone else saying something different. You need to know fact from fiction when it comes to the pests that might in your home. When you go to hire a professional, you also want to make sure that they […]

02 May
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