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Little creature that usually has an exoskeleton and can make basically anywhere it’s home. Treating your property for insects is good for comfort of living as well as future property value.

Roaches everywhere

Look at All These Roaches – Where Did They Come From?

A roach infestation can happen before you know it. It only takes one female to lay eggs in your home to have a real problem on your hands. A female roach can create 14 to 36 offspring in just one laying of eggs. With the right conditions, a single German cockroach and her offspring can […]

22 May
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Pest control capsaicin peppers

Capsaicin and its Role as a Pest Repellant

In a previous article, we explained how most naturally occurring drugs found in nature act as a pest repellant. In this article we want to continue with the theme of exploring natural chemicals that act to deter pests. This time we are discussing capsaicin. You may be familiar with this name as it is what […]

16 Apr
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types of ants and the bait they carry

Why Don’t Ants Carrying the Poisonous Bait Die?

Ant scouts will use something called chemosense to detect a food source. Ants can have up to 5 times the odor sensing ability as humans. This allows them to detect that tiny morsel of food which dropped from your plate and rolled under the couch. They use tiny receptors in the form of tiny bristles […]

21 Mar
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how to repel mosquitoes

Its Almost Mosquito Season Again – Here’s How to Prepare

Mosquitoes are an omnipresent problem in Florida but their numbers do decrease significantly in the winter months. But the break from these flying menaces comes to an end soon as the weather warms and the days get longer. It will soon be breeding season for mosquitoes and this means that the female mosquito will be […]

22 Feb
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Roaches - How do they get into my home?

Are You Stumped Trying to Figure Out How Roaches are Getting In?

Florida is the perfect place to settle in and make a home. Its warm all year long and there is plenty of fresh water for multiple uses. Unfortunately, it also is the prefect environment for pests too. Keeping pests at bay can be a real challenge. You may clean your home a lot and still […]

20 Nov
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Dust bunnies, what are they?

What are Dust Bunnies and Do They Carry Pests?

So-called dust bunnies are a peculiar thing. You keep a clean home and do everything you are supposed to, yet when you look under the bed or behind some furniture there are these awful staring back at you. So, what exactly is a dust bunny? To put it simply, dust bunnies are balls of hair, […]

06 Nov
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Pest control tips around home

Common Household Liquid Can Help Fend Off Pests

It’s true that when annoying ants, biting insects that fly or spiders get into our house, the risk of getting bitten goes up exponentially. It is also true that not everyone feels comfortable spraying RAID or HotShot around their home, and for good reason.  Getting close to the creature with a rolled up newspaper also […]

17 Oct
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mosquito bite

Malaria Makes a Return to Florida

Unfortunately, the disease called malaria has been rearing its ugly head in the United States again after being all but eradicated. Cases have popped up in both Florida and Texas. As you probably know, the mosquito is the number one transmitter of this sometimes deadly disease.  What is Malaria? This disease has plagued humankind for […]

26 Sep
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earwigs, are they a pest?

Earwigs and Ants – Good or Bad?

We all know what ants are. Ants are everywhere in fact. They are found on 6 of the 7 continents and in just about every corner of the Earth. Ants may in fact represent the most numerous of individual organisms on the planet. They can survive some of the harshest environments the planet has to […]

19 Jul
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Mosquitofish – What are they and can I use them?

If you live near a body of water where there are a lot of mosquitoes in your area, you may consider securing some mosquito fish. The mosquito fish is a small freshwater fish whose scientific generic name is Gambusia. It is also called the Gambezi. The female is the larger of the species topping out […]

26 Jun
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