Month: April 2015


Most people know that katydids exist, but not many people can explain exactly what they are or what they look like.  Yet at the same time, most people have seen katydids, often without recognizing what they’re looking at.  That’s because katydids look like leaves.  Big, green leaves. Katydids are green in color and are shaped […]

30 Apr
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What to plant in April in Florida

April is one of the busiest months for planting.  Not only can you catch up on March plantings that you might have missed, but you can also start many vegetables and fruits for your garden. Fruits In April, it’s time to plant any tropical fruits that you wish to harvest within the next few summers.  […]

22 Apr
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Cabbage Looper

If you’ve ever seen a big green worm on some of your shrubs or garden vegetables, you may have just run across a cabbage looper.  You can easily identify a looper simply by watching them crawl – they crawl by arching their back up high.  This distinguishes them from cabbage worms or other similar-looking animals. […]

20 Apr
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An Invasive Species

In several of the major shipping ports in the Eastern United States, customs officials have announced they have recently found shipments containing an extremely destructive stowaway:  the Khapra Beetle.  They have been found in shipments in New York, Virginia and Atlanta, as well as in cargo at the DFW airport. As Floridians, we certainly understand […]

10 Apr
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Properly Treating Bug Bites

No one lives in Florida for long without getting some type of bug bite.  And with spring and summer on the horizon, it’s not unusual to get multiple different types of bites – mosquitoes, ants, spiders, wasps, bees and more.  The bites usually heal without any medical assistance, but are super annoying to deal with.  […]

08 Apr
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Spring Bugs

Spring is almost here.  The tulips are starting to bloom while the orange blossoms make an appearance.  Bald Eagle chicks are starting to hatch and alligators are on the move looking for a little amor!  Even though spring in Florida is a beautiful time, it’s also a time of bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. […]

02 Apr
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