Month: January 2017

Are There Pests in Cocoa, Florida?

Well now, that question can be answered a few ways, but regardless of whether the pests you refer to are human or otherwise, the answer is yes. We have pests in Cocoa, Florida. What you do with those pests depends on what kind of pest you are referring to. Since we are a pest control […]

30 Jan
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Is Your House a Roach Motel?

Cocoa, Florida is a great place to live. We have it all here; sun, surf, and fun. We have fun attractions and the weather is stellar. Unfortunately, with the good comes the bad. When you combine high temperatures with moisture from the waters that border our peninsula, you create an environment that appeals to many […]

27 Jan
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Flee the Flea!

If you have lived in Melbourne, Florida for any length of time you probably have either experienced a flea infestation or know someone who has. Fleas are no fun. They cause itching and can carry other diseases, though this is rare. But what is sure is that if you have a pet, fleas will make […]

25 Jan
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Signs You May Have Bed Bugs this Winter

As temperatures dip down, many bug problems go away for the season. Mosquitoes are all but gone, ants go down into their holes and both wasps and bees stop harassing you for the rest of the year. This isn’t the case with bed bugs though, because they never lived outdoors to begin with. These little […]

13 Jan
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Dealing with Wasp or Hornet Nests

Nobody likes seeing wasp or hornet nests popping up around their homes, but it’s a common occurrence that must be dealt with. For the most part, nests aren’t too much of a problem because they are located out in the yard or in trees around your property, but they become a real issue when they […]

11 Jan
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Tips for Handling an Asian Beetle Infestation

While standard ladybugs that we know and love are seen as good luck and aren’t much of a problem at all, the same can’t be said for the Asian beetle. This pest is often mistaken for a ladybug, and it’s viewed by many people as good luck. Unfortunately, the beetle reproduces quite quickly, and unlike […]

03 Jan
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