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Rockledge is in Florida and is located just north of Melbourne Florida on the Central east coast of Brevard county.

the love bug phenomenon

The Love Bug Invasion – Is it Over?

If you live in Central Florida you were definitely affected by “love bugs” this past week. This little black bug (and their attached mate) swarm the area this time every year for about a week and cover everything with their presence. I noticed that this year was especially bad for my house as they seemed […]

10 May
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merritt island

Upcoming Events in Brevard

We love our area of Florida. It combines the warm weather and beach life of the tropics and a small town feel into one great place. Areas we serve are Melbourne, Beachside, Cocoa, Rockledge, Palm Bay, Kissimmee, St. Cloud and all the way down to north Vero. We have been here for almost 40 years! […]

13 Jul
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ray scott live titusville florida

Local Events and Happenings

Brevard is a beautiful slice of Florida and being a service to our community for 38 years makes us proud. Many of our fellow residents take pride in our area as well and they show it by providing local entertainment and events. We figured for this blog we would get away from the business of […]

25 May
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Advantages of Calling a Pro for Your Pest Control Needs

There are all kinds of pests that roam around the Melbourne, Cocoa and Cocoa Beach areas of Florida.  Mosquitoes, ants, fire ants, palmetto bugs, fleas, termites, rodents and snakes can all find their way into your yard, and even into your home, eating the plants in your garden, destroying your home and potentially causing some […]

23 Sep
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Dangerous pesticides still in use

There are many types of pesticides that are used to control crop damaging pests and pests that may carry disease.   Pesticides have been used to eradicate pests since 1000 B C.  The Chinese used sulfur to control fungus and bacteria.  And sulfur is still used today.   The Chinese are also responsible for starting to use […]

25 Jan
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Super Hybrid Termites Invade Florida

Two of the world’s most destructive termite species are swarming Florida, and the fact that they are cross breeding could pose serious environmental and ecological consequences.  Although we make a business out of removing termites from homes and businesses, we believe that everyone should have information available to them that can limit termite activity around […]

18 Aug
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Praying Mantis

Several years ago, Florida Marlins’ outfielder Logan Morrison was attacked by a praying mantis.  His reaction was priceless.  He jumped backwards, rubbed up against others and wiggled around until it flew off.  The announcers, his teammates and the fans all had a few good laughs at his expense.  Yet his reaction was probably more subdued […]

27 Mar
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What is the Ebola risk for Melbourne residents?

Ebola is certainly a big topic in the news lately.  The disease ravages the body and there is no cure.  Although some people do survive the disease, many do not and will die a horrible death. There have been very few cases of Ebola reaching the United States and none currently in Florida.  However, one […]

20 Nov
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Going Hog Wild in Brevard County

Imagine taking your kid outside to play only to be greeted by a torn-up backyard? Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often as wild hogs are coming into some of the exclusive gated areas in Melbourne from the woods close to I-95.  This is not the first time we’ve seen them in Brevard and […]

13 Nov
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Tree Frogs

In the central Florida region, you can typically find three types of tree frogs – the Green Tree Frog, the Barking Tree Frog and the Cuban Tree Frog. Green Tree Frog Just like their name implies, the green tree frog is some shade of green.  This can be a yellowish-green to a bright lime green […]

15 Sep
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