Month: February 2018

bigheaded ant Florida

Bigheaded Ants in Central Florida

If you have lived in Central Florida for any length of time you have probably encountered the Big Headed Ant. They are an invasive species of ant that has set up shop in our beautiful state. Bigheaded Ants belong to the genus¬†Pheidole.¬†They can range in color from brown to dark red, depending on the species. […]

27 Feb
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planting veggies in central florida

Vegetable Gardening by Season in Florida

We have a very unique climate here in Florida. It is warm almost the entire year through and that affords us the ability to be able to plant almost anything we want. Florida is well known for our fruit and especially our citrus. But vegetables grow very well here too. There are better times of […]

21 Feb
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Most Common Bugs in Florida Part 2

This is part two in our current blog series “Most Common Pests in Florida”. Many people automatically think of mosquitoes and ants when they think of pests in Florida. But, there are actually species names for the most common and most annoying. So, sit back, refill your iced tea and enjoy the next round of […]

17 Feb
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Brevard Pests

Most Common Bugs in Florida Part 1

If you live in Florida you already know we have a large selection of bug species. Some people come to Brevard as tourists and are truly amazed with all the different types of bugs that we have. It is no wonder why the bugs love it here with temperatures that are warm most of the […]

12 Feb
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home pest Florida St. Cloud

When to Contact a Pest Professional

Homeowners frequently attempt to try and manage pest problems on their own; however, the fact is that the majority of pests are best left to a pest professional. These experts have the training, knowledge, and tools needed to safely as well as efficiently exterminate pest infestations. Often when homeowners treat a pest problem by themselves, […]

03 Feb
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