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Wasps are a flying insect that builds nests and can sting humans and pets.

Wasps found in Brevard County Florida

What Kind of Hornets Will You Encounter in Brevard County Florida?

For the sake of this article we will include both hornets and wasps. In Brevard County you will find five different species of wasp or hornet. The most well known of the group are probably the paper wasp and the yellow jacket. The paper wasp is the most widely seen of the group as they […]

09 May
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Wasp and hornet nest removal

How to Properly Dispose of a Hornets Nest

A hornets nest hanging under the eave of your home can be dangerous to you, loved ones or pets. The longer you put off dealing with the problem, the bigger the nest gets and the chances of getting attacked increase. Hornets and wasps can attack unprovoked. They are territorial and can see even just the […]

04 Mar
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Pest problems in Central Florida increase in springs months

Pest Activity Increases in Central Florida During April-May

The warm and humid environment of Central Florida offers the ideal breeding habitat for pests, and the months of April and May see a rise in the bugs’ overall activity level. Insects such as ants, termites, and mosquitoes are pests that may destroy property and put people and their pets in danger of contracting diseases.  […]

19 Apr
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Yellow jacket stings are on the rise

Yellow Jackets are a Nuisance and a Danger

The yellow jacket is a type of hornet which exists in most of North America. It is called “yellow jacket” because of the yellow rings it has around its body. The stinging insect is different than most others in that it usually burrows in the ground. Most wasps, hornets and bees have nests or hives. […]

22 Jun
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wasp nest near your home

Why Wasps Become Aggressive and How to Avoid Them

Wasps are everywhere. Wasps of many species are found throughout most of the United States and world for that matter. They come in many varieties and behave differently depending on species. But for the sake of this article we will focus on the most common wasp humans encounter here in Central Florida: The paper wasp. […]

24 Aug
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Wasps in your yard

What is Attracting Wasps to My Yard?

There are 30,000 species of wasp spanning the entire world. Some can be docile in nature but many are aggressive in defending their territory. Stings can be very painful and for some they can be deadly as well. From 2000-2017, 1109 people were killed by wasp, bee or hornet stings in the United States. So, […]

24 Jun
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Wasp Nest

How to Prevent Wasps from Building a Nest on Your Property

The wasp is something we are all familiar with. One of my earliest memories was walking around the edge of an above ground pool and being attacked by wasps because they were nesting under the edge of the pool. They stung me relentlessly as I ran for help. You too probably have a story similar […]

19 Apr
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You Discovered a Beehive on Your Property – What to Do Now

We all get very busy in our every day life which includes family and work. Sometimes we get so busy we don’t even notice subtle changes in and around our yard. One day you may notice a large number of buzzing insects in your yard and discover that they are bees. If there are a […]

08 Mar
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yellow jacket

Yellow Jackets – What You Need to Know

The yellow jacket is a type of flying insect that has a stinger. The sting is very painful. It is classified as a wasp. The yellow jacket is considered aggressive. Usually if you see one yellow jacket there are many more in the area. They tend to stay pretty close to their nest. The yellow […]

03 Nov
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hornet nest

Why There are More Wasp Stings in Fall Months

There is a significant increase in flying/stinging insect attacks in the fall months. In this article we will go over the reasons that this occurs. Even though we live in beautiful sunny and warm Florida, there is still a mild season change and we do have a few freezing nights here and there. Certain insects […]

23 Oct
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