Month: June 2017

ants Brevard County FL

What Can I Do About These Ants?

If you live in Melbourne, Florida you know all about ants. They are everywhere and they are annoying. But worse than being annoying some bite and sting and this can be a problem for someone who is allergic to the bites. You want to get rid of the ants, but you aren’t sure how to […]

26 Jun
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ant control pest problem Melbourne FL

First Sign of Ants I call Pest Control

If you don’t live in Melbourne, Florida you don’t understand why anyone would call pest control at the first sign of ants. Sure, in the north, where it gets cold in the winter, you may think it’s silly to call a pest control specialist for an ant in your house. All you have to do […]

16 Jun
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pests in Brevard County Florida

Florida’s Many Pests

Yes, it is true. Florida has a lot of different kinds of bugs. We have bugs that fly, crawl, swim and do just about any other thing you can imagine. And due to our climate, our bugs don’t die off in the winter, they thrive all year around. Yes, pest control is a business that […]

13 Jun
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I Think There’s a Black Widow Spider Living in My House!

If you think there is a Black Widow spider in your house don’t play around. This is one of the few spiders in Melbourne, Florida that can hurt you even if you aren’t sensitive to spider bites. Black Widow spiders are dangerous and nasty. Though generally they shy away from humans if they believe they […]

10 Jun
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