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Rats and mice can destroy your home structure.

What Sort of Damage do Mice and Rats Cause to My Home?

Rats and mice fall under the family of mammal known as rodent. Rodents are a scavenger species that more or less takes advantage of any opportunity to eat anything that is digestible within their vicinity. Rats can also kill any creature smaller than itself to make a meal out of it. Rats and mice have […]

30 Apr
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Pest control capsaicin peppers

Capsaicin and its Role as a Pest Repellant

In a previous article, we explained how most naturally occurring drugs found in nature act as a pest repellant. In this article we want to continue with the theme of exploring natural chemicals that act to deter pests. This time we are discussing capsaicin. You may be familiar with this name as it is what […]

16 Apr
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how to repel mosquitoes

Its Almost Mosquito Season Again – Here’s How to Prepare

Mosquitoes are an omnipresent problem in Florida but their numbers do decrease significantly in the winter months. But the break from these flying menaces comes to an end soon as the weather warms and the days get longer. It will soon be breeding season for mosquitoes and this means that the female mosquito will be […]

22 Feb
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Pest control inside and outside the home

Indoor Outdoor Approach to Pest Control

There are two reasons to have pest control services at you home. Either you have a pest problem you need to eliminate or you want to prevent pests from taking up residence along side of you and your family. Pest control takes place in two main area: inside and outside the home. Inside the home, […]

07 Feb
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The opium poppy uses opium to prevent destruction by pests

Substances That You May Not Have Known Were Pesticides

Nature has a way of taking care of itself. Natural defenses are built up over time by living organisms to protect themselves from danger. Animals develop horns, sharp teeth, thick coats of fur and various other defenses. Plants are no different. Today we will discuss chemical defenses used by plants to ward off destruction by […]

19 Jan
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Mole problems - How to get rid of moles

Do I Have a Mole Problem in My Yard?

It may start as an occasional small mound of dirt or a new hole that wasn’t there yesterday. You could see a small trench cave in or there could be some mysterious feces in your yard. These are signs that a mole or a family of moles has moved in.  What Are Moles? Moles are […]

21 Dec
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skunk prevention

How to Keep Smelly Skunks Away from Your Home

We all know that smell, the faint skunk smell in the distance. It’s bad but not that bad from very far away. But, as anyone who has ever been sprayed by a skunk can tell you, it’s 1000 times worse than you can imagine up close. People often panic when they get sprayed and it […]

08 Dec
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Rat control in Melbourne and Brevard County

Can Dogs be Used in Pest Control?

We probably all know that factories, warehouses and even auto-repair shops sometimes will keep a cat on location to combat any rodents that may be trying to make that location into their new home. Cats have long been known as a valuable tool in the overall effort to fight pests. But can dogs be used […]

19 Sep
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Mosquitofish – What are they and can I use them?

If you live near a body of water where there are a lot of mosquitoes in your area, you may consider securing some mosquito fish. The mosquito fish is a small freshwater fish whose scientific generic name is Gambusia. It is also called the Gambezi. The female is the larger of the species topping out […]

26 Jun
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camping mosquito control

Electric Mosquito Countermeasures

You can’t live anywhere in Florida, or anywhere in the United States for that matter, without knowing what a mosquito is.  For Floridians, mosquitoes are a year long problem.  But their numbers really grow in the spring and summer. Other flying insects also really thrive in the summer and spring months. In this article we […]

17 May
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