Month: January 2014

Termite Swarms in Central Florida

Central Florida is indeed home to a lot of termites and today we’ll discuss why this is happening. There are many types of termites in Florida and some of the prominent ones are the nose termites, Formosan termites, subterranean termites, dampwood termites and also the drywood termites. Out of these varieties the subterranean, dampwood and […]

23 Jan
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Mice in Indiatlantic, Florida

Mice are never a good thing to be running around in your house. They chew holes in important structure, insulation and even personal items and they carry and spread germs. Additionally they leave little mouse droppings everywhere which is not only disgusting … it’s unhealthy as particles from their droppings can become airborne and affect […]

16 Jan
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Houseflies in Central Florida

Central Florida is the home of many pests and one of them is the housefly. These insects can live comfortably among humans and all types of animals. One of the most common species among houseflies in central Florida is the “wild house fly.” They thrive in almost all environments and as a result their population […]

14 Jan
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Mosquito-borne Diseases in Central Florida

There’s nothing worse than the high-pitched whine of a hungry mosquito. These airborne pests can ruin the best outdoor party or central Florida gathering and are one of the most common reasons our pest control professionals are called to assist homeowners. Because removal and prevention of Mosquitos is one of the best investments you can […]

06 Jan
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The Threat of Africanized Bees in Central Florida

While bees serve a vital role in the pollination of our plants and produce delicious honey they can be quite dangerous if they make their home too close to people. Recently Africanized bees have come to central Florida and this aggressive strain of honeybees poses a significant threat to residents of the sunshine state. Africanized […]

04 Jan
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The Danger of Wasp and Bee Stings in Central Florida

For the most part wasps and bees are beneficial insects and as long as they aren’t building a nest or hive in or around your central Florida home pest control may not be needed. These insects help your flowers, vegetables and trees by assisting with pollination and wasps prey on other harmful insects which can […]

02 Jan
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