Month: January 2024

House mouse and diseases

House Mice and Disease

This time of year you may run into the common house mouse. This is because temperatures have been getting very cold at night. Mice are mammals and seek warm places in order to stay alive. Your walls, attics, and garage look very attractive to a cold mouse. Once a mouse gets into your home and […]

29 Jan
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The opium poppy uses opium to prevent destruction by pests

Substances That You May Not Have Known Were Pesticides

Nature has a way of taking care of itself. Natural defenses are built up over time by living organisms to protect themselves from danger. Animals develop horns, sharp teeth, thick coats of fur and various other defenses. Plants are no different. Today we will discuss chemical defenses used by plants to ward off destruction by […]

19 Jan
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do it yourself ant baits

Do It Yourself Approach to Ant Pest Control

Nobody wants to pay a professional when there is a task that needs to be done and you can do it yourself. In fact, for something as simple as an ant infestation that is just beginning, we actually encourage people to give it a go on their own. If you are reading this and have […]

08 Jan
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Green anole lizard - what happened to them?

New List of Potential Invasive Species for Florida Released

This is a topic which has become a weird one for people. Some people find invasive species to be a serious threat and worry about what they could do to the local flora and fauna. Others really don’t care about this topic or have just accepted it an resigned themselves to the fact that invasive […]

05 Jan
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