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invasive lizard taking hold in Florida

Another Invasive Species – This Time It’s a Monster Lizard

Living in Florida has many benefits. The warm climate attracts many people to our beautiful state. But the same climate which makes it so nice for us also makes it a perfect habitat for most of the world’s critters & creatures as well. This means that most any animal or insect can flourish here if […]

03 Dec
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Pests and Pets

Pests Which are Harmful to Your Pet

There are a myriad of bugs and animals which we consider pests because they make your life more difficult one way or another. Whether it be raccoons getting into your trash, squirrels getting in your attic or ants invading your kitchen, pests can really be a nuisance. But there are a number of pests which […]

24 May
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lizard in Florida

Are Lizards Considered Pests?

On thing that there is no shortage of in the state of Florida is lizards. The warm sub-tropical climate suits their climate needs best. Warm weather, bugs and moisture is all a lizard needs to survive. Lizards have a lineage on this planet that is well over 285+ million years. Types of Lizards Native to […]

18 Sep
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birds in the attic

Birds in the Attic

You’re laying in bed. Maybe you’re reading or just enjoying the silence when you hear a scratching sound. Or you a hear a commotion that is muffled and maybe even a squawk. You study where where the sound emanated from and you realize it is in the attic. Chances are you have birds. There are […]

12 Oct
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Call Pest Control for Your Snake Woes

While some people don’t mind snakes, there is a large majority that harbor the same feelings toward them as Indiana Jones, and would rather not have them around.  There are 45 species of snakes in Florida, six of them venomous.  Many of these snakes reside in Melbourne and the surrounding areas of Cocoa and Cocoa […]

27 Sep
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Walking Catfish

What would you think if someone told you they saw a catfish walking across the street?  You might think it’s the beginning of a corny joke or you might ask the person what drugs they had been taking.  No drugs and no joke, this actually is something that happens here in Florida.  The walking catfish […]

11 Feb
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Are Pest Control Service Companies Safe?

When you think of using chemicals to kill insects or a company removing pests from your property, you may cringe a little inside.  Are the chemicals they use safe?  How do these treatments affect my family I work hard to protect?  Do the insects suffer?  Are the pests humanely removed?  Yes, you want them to […]

10 Nov
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Would you benefit from a pest inspection?

As winter turns to spring, our thoughts often turn to sun, sand and the outdoors.  Even though spring is a joyous time, it’s also a time when the damage that pests do can quickly develop into a huge headache costing lots of money if you don’t catch it early enough.  Springtime is a time when […]

13 Mar
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Rabbits in the yard!

Rabbits may be cute and fuzzy and certainly – they evoke warm feelings of family, chocolate and Easter.  But when they get into a nice beautiful backyard, they can be a huge nuisance.  And with spring coming, rabbits are beginning to breed and reproduce, which means they may well venture into your backyard and start […]

11 Mar
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The Honeybee

Most people like the taste of honey.  That sweet gooey substance that is good in teas or on toast.  Honey is made by the honeybee. Although many people have a good healthy fear of any bee due to the sting, honeybees are important to the Florida agricultural industry.  Even if you do not eat honey, […]

09 Mar
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