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Pets can be susceptible to pest infestations as well. it is good to know how to prevent pest issues when you have pets.

Pest Proofing Your Home

While it’s a good idea to be in touch with a skilled pest control expert, you don’t always need professional help to keep your home clear from common pests. There are simple preventative steps that you can take to minimize your exposure to common annual pests that other homeowners have to deal with. If you’d […]

29 Nov
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It’s Hurricane Season – Again!

About six months ago, experts from the Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) predicted an extremely active and dangerous hurricane season this year.  However, more recent predictions from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and The Weather Channel are exactly the opposite.  These experts are stating they believe we will have a quieter than normal season […]

05 Jun
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The Invasion of the Lionfish

Florida is certainly no stranger to invasive species.  We have all kinds of frogs, snakes, monkeys, lizards, and insects that have been introduced over the years.  Some, such as the python, causes some real issues.  Others seem to take their place in the Florida ecological system without doing much damage.  But there’s one invasive species […]

18 May
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Miley Cyrus released off the Florida Keys

Yes – you read that right!  But – no – we’re not talking Miley Cyrus, the human singer.  We’re talking Miley Cyrus – the twerking loggerhead sea turtle. Several months ago, a turtle in distress was rescued. It was noticed because its bobbing in and out of the water similar to the famous twerking move […]

11 May
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Exotic Pets Surrendered

In April of 2015, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission hosted an Exotic Pet Amnesty Day in Melbourne at the Wickham Park Pavilion.  This was the second year and the event was considered a rousing success.  Although only 34 animals were surrendered in last year’s event, that number was met in the first hour […]

06 May
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