Month: December 2013

How Bedbugs Might Arrive in your Central Florida Home

Bedbugs are tiny thin or flat-bodied insects that cannot fly but can crawl very fast. These creatures are dark brown in color and can grow quickly upon eating. Their main food source is, well, YOU! They drink blood from humans and other animals. A lot of these bugs have been noticed in central Florida for […]

20 Dec
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Keeping Your Vero Beach, Florida Home Pest Free

When you want to keep your Vero Beach, Florida home and everyone in it free from sickness and disease then you need to do everything that you can to make sure that there are no insects in your home. Insects are carriers of germs and flies are especially bad about it. Luckily you are in […]

17 Dec
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Types of Ants in Central Florida

Central Florida’s climate and geographical positioning makes it ideal for a huge range of flora and fauna. This has allowed numerous species of ants to thrive in central Florida. According to wildlife researchers, there are about 221 species of ants in this part of the world and many consider central Florida’s ant population beyond control, […]

11 Dec
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Pest Control in Palm Bay, Florida

Central Florida residents understand that the sunshine state is a great place to live. Unfortunately, insects, rodents and countless other pests share our affection for the heat and humidity beloved by residents of Palm Bay, Florida and its surrounding communities. At Sunstate Pest Management we take pride in our ability to care for and protect […]

10 Dec
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The Importance of Tick Removal in Central Florida

If you live in central Florida or in pretty much any non-arctic location you’ll have to deal with ticks at some point. Ticks are external parasites which make their home in vegetation and wait to latch on to unsuspecting people or animals in the hope of finding a free meal. Ticks are very small and […]

04 Dec
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Wasps in Central Florida

Wasps contribute to your backyard ecosystem because they’re predators – killing small insects and anthropods and bringing them back to their nests to feed their young. A few wasps in your backyard every now and then is no reason to contact pest control, but if you notice a wasp nest forming under the eaves of […]

03 Dec
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