Month: October 2015

You Need Melbourne, FL Rodent Control Services

There is never just one of them.  They expand their nests until they are too numerous and then head out in families to find the next homestead.  They carry diseases and can damage your home’s foundation or attics.  If you are hearing scurrying and scampering in your walls or above your head, waste no time […]

30 Oct
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Protect Your Brevard County Home from Palmetto Weevils

Palm Beach, Palm Bay, Palm City, palm trees.  Palm trees are a symbol of tropical weather and of Florida.  They are also a food for palmetto weevils.  The largest of all weevils in North America, the palmetto weevil is not a danger to humans.  It doesn’t poison you or sting you, but it could cause […]

14 Oct
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Common Spiders Native to the Palm Bay Area

Tropical weather, lush vegetation, and an overabundance of food make for the prime habitat of Florida spiders.  There are many species native to our area, some harmless and others quite deadly.  It is important to know how to identify them. The Black Widow One of the most well-known spiders in the world is the easiest […]

13 Oct
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Highly Toxic Cane Toad in Brevard County Florida

The cane toad is an invasive species also known as the Bufo Toad.  It secretes a highly toxic mucous as a defense mechanism; however, it has a 100% death rate for your smaller dogs who mistake it for a chew toy.  It was brought to Florida years ago and is now a dangerous nuisance not […]

12 Oct
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Why is Bee Removal Important?

There are many species of bees and are considered to be very dangerous to have around your home.  Killer bees have become a serious problem over the years.  Yellow Jackets and even native honey bee species should be properly removed by a licensed and insured pest control servicer.  Spraying them with home remedies is just […]

07 Oct
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