Month: June 2016

What if You Unpack Bed Bugs from Your Summer Vacation?

Summer vacations are always a great time to spend with family, relax and unwind. However, what are you going to do if you bring home the bed bugs from the vacation destination? Bed bugs have become a real issue for many travelers, since they can easily be found in many of the camping, resort and […]

27 Jun
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Importance of Termite Inspections in Viera

Termites can wreak havoc on a home, especially one that is not covered. When you live in a home in Viera, having regular termite inspections is crucial. Not only that, but moving into a new home can also be daunting if you’re unsure of the current termite situation at hand. Don’t be caught without an […]

21 Jun
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Ridding Your Home and Outside Buildings of Rats

Being scared of a house mouse is nothing compared to being in a dark barn with a hissing rat. Brevard County, Florida, surrounding areas, and several other states have dealt with rat infestations on every level possible, from a few to a few hundred. Seeing a single rat could mean that there are others, or […]

14 Jun
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Keeping a Mole Free Lawn

Moles are one of the tunneling creatures of the United States that cause problems with lawns and homes. Although there are other pests that can borrow and tunnel around your yard, moles are one the most common. Unfortunately, many people confuse moles with mole crickets, which both borrow under the soil. Moles tend to be […]

10 Jun
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Keeping a Pest Free Crawlspace

The crawlspace underneath your home is the gateway for many pests to welcome themselves into your home. There are air ducts, pipes, wiring, and several other areas in the crawlspace that will allow rodents, and other pests, easy access and mobility. The best way to avoid having to hire a pest control professional to eradicate […]

08 Jun
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