Month: October 2013

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Pest Fun Facts

Insects and rodents are everywhere and Sunstate experts have seen it all! While most homeowners detest the site of unwanted guests in their homes, they often don’t know exactly why they dislike them so much (other than the obvious creep factor). Here are 25 fun facts about insects and rodents if you ever wanted to […]

31 Oct
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Rodent Infestation

As the flu begins its seasonal spread across the country, there is another, lesser known threat that also rises in the winter – rodent infestation. While people rush out to get their yearly flu shots with the expectation of staying healthy during these colder months, taking precautions to keep mice and rats out of your […]

22 Oct
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Ants in Florida

Did you know that there are over fifteen species of ants alone that are considered “pest ants” in the state of Florida? Would you even think there are that many species of this tiny insect in the world, never mind in our great state?! In fact, there are over 12,000 species of ants around the […]

18 Oct
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Today’s Pest Control Products are the Best They Have Ever Been

Not only are they safer for children and pets, but they are extremely effective. The success of ridding your home or business of pests does not rely solely on the type of products used however, the knowledge and experience of the technician who is treating the problem is also a factor. The prevalent use of […]

16 Oct
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Learn More About Bedbugs

Bedbugs, they have been making headlines across the country the last few years and their population seems to be growing as they move from hotel to hotel and home to home. Once a very common problem in American homes, the widespread use of DDT in the 40’s and 50’s nearly eradicated them. Today, with the […]

11 Oct
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Irrigation Maintenance Program

Maybe one of Sunstate’s lesser known services, however just as effective as our pest control, is our irrigation maintenance program. There are a number of consequences from keeping and using a faulty irrigation system. Both your home’s appearance and cost of running your home can fall victim without proper care. One of the biggest direct […]

04 Oct
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More About Roaches

You wake up in the middle of night and get up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. As you open your cabinet to grab a glass, you see movement. After quickly flipping on the light, you see a roach running from the unexpected light. It’s the first time you have ever seen […]

02 Oct
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