Month: September 2015

Rodent Treatment Options in Melbourne, Florida

The fall time is when rodents begin looking for warmer places with more readily available food.  If you hear the scurrying of little feet in your attic, walls or crawl space, you may have a rodent problem.  Roof rats and mice are the most common of culprits to invade your home and claim your residence […]

30 Sep
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How to Take Care of Your Lizard Problem

With an abundance of bugs in Florida, there is an abundance of lizards that eat them.  The number one way to control your lizard population is to control their food source.  If left unchecked, they can become quite a nuisance.  They can cause damage to your plant life, invade your home and leave deposits unconducive […]

28 Sep
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Basic Facts about Brevard County Termites

These silent destroyers will eat your home from the inside out.  They are endemic to all parts of Florida and the Southeast part of the nation.  Most likely they were accidentally brought over from the West Indies and have been a destructive force ever since.  The good news is that they are easily treated and […]

16 Sep
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Palmetto Bugs in St. Cloud

The Truth about Palmetto Bugs, Water Bugs and Roaches

Brevard County, like the rest of Florida, is notorious for their nocturnal insects.  Almost nationwide, their reputation for harboring large flying roaches is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl.  They have made horror movies about such monstrosities.  But they are a very real nuisance and carry harmful diseases.  Commonly referred to as Palmetto bugs or […]

15 Sep
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Holy Moley

A menace to lawns everywhere, moles can wreak havoc on a property in just a few days.  Lawn damage caused by moles plagues homeowners and lawn care specialists alike. Seldom seen as they tirelessly tunnel underground, moles leave their telltale marks above ground as unsightly “mole hills”, mounds of soil, or grassless brown streaks.  Think […]

10 Sep
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Carpenter Bees

Although called carpenter bees, their name is quite the opposite of what they actually do, destroy.  In extreme cases, you may need to hire a carpenter to fix what they leave behind.  Today we will learn about these pesky nuisances, and what it takes to get rid of them. Carpenter bees are large, shiny, black […]

02 Sep
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