Month: May 2016

Eradicate Termites before they Annihilate the Structure of Your Home

Relocating into a new home is a very exciting time. You are achieving the goals of many by owning your own home, and at the same time relocating into a better area for you and your family. However, sometimes moving into a new home can be added stress on the homeowner, especially if there are […]

27 May
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Do-it-Yourself Extermination Versus Hiring a Professional

There are millions of people who have attempted at least one do-it-yourself project. Some people have tried more than one. Those with another knowledge on a certain topic could potentially do a lot by themselves instead of hiring contractors and other licensed professionals to do it for them. When it comes to things like pest […]

17 May
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Treating Your Home for Millipede Infestations

An insect that stays out of sight during the day, but can easily make their way into your home is a millipede. Infestations normally do not occur until the weather becomes colder. For this reason, they seem to be more prominent in areas with warmer climates such as Brevard County Florida, and its surrounding sunny […]

12 May
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Preventing Roaches from Inhabiting Your Home

The famous cockroach that strikes fear into the minds of homeowners is known to live for three to four months without any food source. However, they can only live for a short period of time without a water source. Preventing an infestation from occurring is easier said than done, as there are several ways that […]

04 May
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