Month: February 2015

Spring Termite Activity

It has been said that there are two types of homes in Florida:  ones that have had termites and ones that simply haven’t gotten them yet.  These types of pests are attracted to the Florida climate and love the warmth and humidity here. Types of termites Florida has four different types of termites – the […]

23 Feb
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The Return of the Bald Eagle

The bald eagle, once in danger of extinction, has made a remarkable comeback.  Native to the United States, these majestic creatures were designated as the National Emblem in the year 1782.  They make a great national emblem due to their strength, longevity and beauty. Their wingspan can measure an impressive eight feet long and their […]

18 Feb
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Are genetically modified mosquitoes coming your way?

The latest news tells us that researchers are actively seeking FDA approval to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes into the Florida Keys.  When the news story first broke, millions of Floridians reacted in horror at the thought of adding more mosquitoes to an area that is sometimes already overloaded with mosquitoes.  In an effort […]

11 Feb
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Planning for your spring garden!

Winter is coming to a close and spring is not too far away.  For the gardeners in the Melbourne area of Florida, thoughts are quickly turning to spring tulips, flower beds and even perhaps a vegetable garden.  Experienced gardeners know there is one stage that is extremely important in order to have a successful outside […]

10 Feb
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What do you need to know about Cluster Flies?

If you happen to see flies in the house during the winter, chances are what you’re seeing is a fly known as the cluster fly.  These flies, unlike regular house flies, do not constitute a health hazard to humans simply because they do not lay eggs in food. What do they look like? These flies […]

03 Feb
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Dragonfly Facts

Last summer, several areas of Florida were overwhelmed with dragonflies!  In one story, residents of Broward and Palm Beach County reported that they were not only out in force, but sometimes literally covered bushes or areas of standing water.  Known sometimes as the “mosquito hawk”, these creatures voraciously eat pesky critters like mosquitoes.  But there […]

02 Feb
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