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Spiders can be a problem in and around the home. They can be poisonous or a sign of a much larger pest problem.

fleas bite and feed on blood

What Bit Me? – Identifying Bug Bites

Almost anywhere you go on Earth you will have to deal with bugs. And a portion of these bugs are biters. Most of them don’t bite for the thrill of it. They felt threatened in some way and reacted in self-defense. Conversely, some bugs may bite you because they want to feast on your blood. […]

04 Jun
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prevent spiders from home

How to Prevent Spiders

In this article we are going to go over some simple steps you can take to prevent spiders from coming into your house. Your home may never be “spider-proof” but it can be spider resistant. In the United States there are over 3400 species of spider. As you know, insects are everywhere, especially where humans […]

16 Apr
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treating spiders in the yard

New Years Resolution: Get Rid of These Spiders!

Every year many people pick a new years resolution, something they want to change or start doing in their life. For many people, it is something along the lines of losing weight or quitting smoking. This year, add getting rid of those annoying spiders to the list! You know what I mean. You sweep out […]

31 Dec
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I Think There’s a Black Widow Spider Living in My House!

If you think there is a Black Widow spider in your house don’t play around. This is one of the few spiders in Melbourne, Florida that can hurt you even if you aren’t sensitive to spider bites. Black Widow spiders are dangerous and nasty. Though generally they shy away from humans if they believe they […]

10 Jun
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spiders Melbourne FL

These Spiders Are Scary

Unless you are dealing with black widow spiders or brown recluse spiders you really have nothing to fear when it comes to spiders in your home. Most spiders may be creepy, but are harmless. If one bites you there may be a little swelling, but no more than a mosquito bite and it will go […]

23 May
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Should You Beware of Brown Recluse Spiders?

Brown recluse spiders have been talked about for quite some time. Not only are these deadly to those that are bitten by them, but they can easily be found in warm places. This means living in Florida might make way for more places for these spiders to hide in the home. With everywhere between the […]

12 Apr
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Dealing with Spiders

Spiders have long been touted to be a rather effective form of natural pest control.  Their webs trap unwanted insects and the arachnids survive on them.  But let’s face it, most people who come across a spider in their path, no matter how small or harmless it is, are not going to be happy about […]

30 Sep
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Are wolf spiders dangerous?

Spiders will never be known as an attractive pest, but there is one that ranks among the ugliest and most terrifying looking; the wolf spider. Part of the horror of a wolf spider is its size, it’s a large spider.  Wolf spiders are one of the most common spiders in the United States. There are […]

11 Mar
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If you are like me, the last thing you want to come across is a spider.  Most spiders are harmless and are more afraid of us than we are of them.  Knowing that doesn’t help those of us who won’t step into a room once a spider has been sighted. It has too many legs […]

23 Feb
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What You Need to Know about Brown Recluse Spiders

The name brown recluse strikes fear in the hearts of many people.  It is a deadly spider that is great at hiding.  They are most common in southern and Midwestern states of our nation, but can be found anywhere.  Aside from being super careful when moving around boxes in your attic and basement, preventative measures […]

04 Jan
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