Month: May 2024

Roaches everywhere

Look at All These Roaches – Where Did They Come From?

A roach infestation can happen before you know it. It only takes one female to lay eggs in your home to have a real problem on your hands. A female roach can create 14 to 36 offspring in just one laying of eggs. With the right conditions, a single German cockroach and her offspring can […]

22 May
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Wasps found in Brevard County Florida

What Kind of Hornets Will You Encounter in Brevard County Florida?

For the sake of this article we will include both hornets and wasps. In Brevard County you will find five different species of wasp or hornet. The most well known of the group are probably the paper wasp and the yellow jacket. The paper wasp is the most widely seen of the group as they […]

09 May
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