Month: June 2015

The Conehead Termite

The conehead termite, formally known as the Nasutitermes Corniger, is not native to the United States.  Originally found in the Caribbean, this species was found in the US in 2001 and as a result of concentrated effort, was thought to be eradicated in 2003.  It’s back and that’s not good news. In recent months, the […]

15 Jun
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Public Service Announcement – Credit Card Skimmers

Since the dawn of time, people have exchanged goods or services for other goods or services.  And – unfortunately, since the dawn of time, there has always been somebody trying to take from that exchange what they didn’t earn.  It seems officials find a way to stop one method of theft only to have the […]

14 Jun
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The Tawny Crazy Ant

We’re used to all kinds of bugs and pests here in Brevard County, Florida.  In fact, if it bites, flies, buzzes, slithers or crawls, we’ve probably gotten a call on it at one time or another.  And we’re used to ants.  But there’s a new type of ant invading Florida that can cause some serious […]

13 Jun
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It’s Hurricane Season – Again!

About six months ago, experts from the Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) predicted an extremely active and dangerous hurricane season this year.  However, more recent predictions from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and The Weather Channel are exactly the opposite.  These experts are stating they believe we will have a quieter than normal season […]

05 Jun
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Preparing your yard for the hot summer!

We’re now well into the spring and headed directly towards the hot summer.  Unfortunately, during the hot summer months, your beautiful lawn may not look quite as lush or as green.  But this doesn’t mean you should just throw in the towel.  We have some helpful tips for you to prepare your yard for the […]

01 Jun
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