Month: April 2016

Keeping Troublesome Ants Away

In the state of Florida alone, there are over 220 ant species that have documentation of being recognized. Due to the climate of the state, exotic ants have found a way to survive within the state, making up 52 species out of the approximate 220. Because of the climate, Florida is the only state to […]

27 Apr
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The Ins and Outs of Extermination Tools

For centuries people have attempted to rid their crops, homes, and businesses of pests. Certain tools and pesticides were used to maintain healthy crops and rid the crops of pests that thrived on eating and ruining them. However, over the years, pest problems gradually made their way into homes, yards, and businesses. Taking care of […]

15 Apr
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Don’t let the bed bugs bite

“Good night.  Sleep tight.  Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”  This is a little rhyme we all have heard time and time again.  Mothers say it to their children when putting them to bed.  As much as it is a cute little rhyme that we grew up hearing, these days, just hearing the term “bed […]

12 Apr
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Making a Wasp Trap

Wasps are probably one of the most despised of all the insects out there. When you think about a wasp, there doesn’t even seem to be a benefit to them. They burrow into our homes and sting us; that’s about it. So, you are going to want to make sure there are no wasps around […]

11 Apr
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Hornet and Wasp Nests

Did you see the article about the people in Texas that found a huge hornet nest in an old trailer?  This trailer had been sitting on their property, unattended, for 10 years.  When they decided to remodel it, they opened the door and came face-to-face with a hornet’s nest that filled the trailer.  It is […]

05 Apr
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Global Warming and the Effect on Insects

Global warming is a term most all of us have heard.  Any time there is a warm day, it’s blamed on global warming.  Unusual weather?  Must be global warming.  Flooding?  Definitely caused by those melting ice caps that are increasing the sea levels.  Yes, there are many things that have and will be altered by […]

01 Apr
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