Month: October 2017

Titusville FLA

Tips for Hiring a Pest Control Specialist in Titusville, FL

When it comes to hiring a pest control specialist, you may not know what to expect. This is natural and normal. Not only do you have to work with someone that knows what they’re doing, but you have to know more about them. You want to make sure you know what to do, when to […]

31 Oct
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pest control local Brevard Florida

What to Look For When You Think You Have a Pest Problem

When you have a pest problem, you may not know what to look for. This is a common issue that many homeowners throughout Florida have. When you’re wondering what those small scurrying sounds are, where those droppings came from or why there are holes in everything, then you want to know if they came from […]

23 Oct
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mosquito problem Brevard

Mosquitoes at High Levels

The large amount of rain caused by Hurricane Irma as well as about a dozen other rain storms in the last month have resulted in a very large outbreak of mosquitoes here in Brevard County Florida. As you may know, mosquitoes lay their eggs in pools of sitting water. After any rainstorm, tiny pools of […]

17 Oct
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ant problem

Ant Control in Your Brevard County, FL Home

Do you have a fire ant problem? Florida is known to have this pest inside and out of Florida residential homes. These little pests can cause a real problem not only to your health but to your items. Where Do the Ants Live? Fire ants make mounds typically. There is no direct entrance to the […]

14 Oct
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Florida Pest company

Pest Control Specialists in Brevard County, FL Talk About Problematic Roaches

Does it annoy you to continually see cockroaches lurking around your house? Have you tried several strategies to get rid of them? Give these ideas a few tries and see if the problem does not dissipate. Where are They Hiding? Cockroaches are found in the walls, under the sick and anywhere they can get into. […]

13 Oct
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rat problem in Palm Bay?

Pest Control for All of Your Rodent Problems

Do you have a household under constant attack from mice and rats? Confused what to do about the issue at hand? Well, here are some answers for you! Put Away the Food A big reason mice and rodents come into your house is because you have food. Step one is making sure that all your […]

12 Oct
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lighting outside pest control

Using Proper Exterior Lighting to Reduce Insect Infestations

As a resident of Brevard County, you are likely always looking for ways to help keep the insect population inside your home or office building to a minimum. In addition to obvious things such as reducing food supply, sealing up cracks and gaps in the building where insects may gain entry, and keeping the place […]

09 Oct
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leak and pest problems

Fixing a Leak Does More Than Save on the Water Bill

Insects, like every other living thing on the planet, need moisture to survive. Without water in some form, they will quickly die of dehydration. As such, one thing you should do—particularly if you live or have an office building in the Brevard County area, where insects seem to thrive—is closely inspect your building for sources […]

06 Oct
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Pests in packaging

Check that Packaging for Unwanted Guests

In Brevard County, there are no shortages of insects and other types of pests. While they may seem to be in their element swarming outside, the sad fact is that they seem to be attracted to buildings. And, once you develop an infestation, you will find that it can be very difficult to eliminate it. […]

03 Oct
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