Month: November 2014

Reducing your wildfire risk

Wildfires can happen at any time in Florida.  In Brevard County, we must always be on the watch and be careful not to accidentally start a brush fire.  Although sometimes started by lightning, others are start accidentally.  And currently, Brevard County is considered high risk for wildfires. The Brevard County Fire Rescue Center and the […]

28 Nov
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Prehistory of Melbourne

The Melbourne area and eastern Florida has a deep, rich prehistoric history.  Throughout the years of economic development, we have been finding some very interesting items.  Not only do they include bones, they also include shards of pottery and other signs of early life. It’s sometimes difficult to understand what these are considering when you […]

25 Nov
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What is the Ebola risk for Melbourne residents?

Ebola is certainly a big topic in the news lately.  The disease ravages the body and there is no cure.  Although some people do survive the disease, many do not and will die a horrible death. There have been very few cases of Ebola reaching the United States and none currently in Florida.  However, one […]

20 Nov
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Falling Iguanas in Florida

People come to Florida in the winter for many reasons. They love the sunny weather, mild winters and outdoor activities that we enjoy all year round.  During the 2014/2015 winter, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts that most of Florida will have colder than normal temperatures.  And when temperatures drop below 40, so do the iguanas and […]

17 Nov
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Going Hog Wild in Brevard County

Imagine taking your kid outside to play only to be greeted by a torn-up backyard? Unfortunately, this is happening more and more often as wild hogs are coming into some of the exclusive gated areas in Melbourne from the woods close to I-95.  This is not the first time we’ve seen them in Brevard and […]

13 Nov
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West Nile Virus Verified in the Area

Just this past summer, several animals in the Brevard county area had tested positive for West Nile Virus.  This includes several chickens and at least one horse.  Although county officials state these numbers are not yet cause for alarm, it is something that residents should be aware of and for which they should be taking precautions. […]

04 Nov
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