Month: April 2024

Rats and mice can destroy your home structure.

What Sort of Damage do Mice and Rats Cause to My Home?

Rats and mice fall under the family of mammal known as rodent. Rodents are a scavenger species that more or less takes advantage of any opportunity to eat anything that is digestible within their vicinity. Rats can also kill any creature smaller than itself to make a meal out of it. Rats and mice have […]

30 Apr
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Pest control capsaicin peppers

Capsaicin and its Role as a Pest Repellant

In a previous article, we explained how most naturally occurring drugs found in nature act as a pest repellant. In this article we want to continue with the theme of exploring natural chemicals that act to deter pests. This time we are discussing capsaicin. You may be familiar with this name as it is what […]

16 Apr
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Termite treatment Brevard County FL

Which Termite Species Affect Floridians Most?

Termites are a problem for wooden structures in most any state you live in. Termites look at your beautiful home as a giant meal waiting to be devoured. They require the cellulose found in wood to live. Termites have special protozoa and bacteria in their gut which allows them to break down the coarse cellulose […]

02 Apr
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