Month: December 2023

Mole problems - How to get rid of moles

Do I Have a Mole Problem in My Yard?

It may start as an occasional small mound of dirt or a new hole that wasn’t there yesterday. You could see a small trench cave in or there could be some mysterious feces in your yard. These are signs that a mole or a family of moles has moved in.  What Are Moles? Moles are […]

21 Dec
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skunk prevention

How to Keep Smelly Skunks Away from Your Home

We all know that smell, the faint skunk smell in the distance. It’s bad but not that bad from very far away. But, as anyone who has ever been sprayed by a skunk can tell you, it’s 1000 times worse than you can imagine up close. People often panic when they get sprayed and it […]

08 Dec
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