Month: December 2022

signs that you might have a serious ant problem

Signs You Have an Ant Infestation

An ant infestation is not easy to spot. It can be subtle, making it increasingly difficult to determine whether you have overflowing ants in the first place. This is why if you doubt that you may have an ant problem, it is highly likely you do.  While spotting rodent infestation is relatively easier, it is […]

26 Dec
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pests and frozen temps in FL

Are Winter Freezes Good for Pest Prevention in Florida?

You have probably heard that our area is expecting very cold temperatures for Christmas. Some have even gone so far as to predict snow. The last time people here saw anything resembling snow was 19 years ago when a some flurries occurred on the coast of Brevard down to Vero. In 1977, there was a […]

22 Dec
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The future of pest control

What Does the Future of Pest Control Look Like?

The pest control industry is becoming more and more popular, understandably so. Researchers and engineers are always searching for new ways to eliminate pests effectively. The dedicated companies and services have ventured on a journey to ensure they are using the most environmentally friendly methods. They are taking extra measures so they can eliminate the […]

13 Dec
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rodents are a serious pest problem

Pest Management Tailored to Your Pest Problem

A pest is a generalized word that includes any type of weed, rodent, insect, or even disease that attacks a crop. Pest management is crucial in ensuring the health of you and life around you. Pests can have a detrimental impact on horticulture since it affects the quality, quantity, and of course, the marketability of […]

06 Dec
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invasive lizard taking hold in Florida

Another Invasive Species – This Time It’s a Monster Lizard

Living in Florida has many benefits. The warm climate attracts many people to our beautiful state. But the same climate which makes it so nice for us also makes it a perfect habitat for most of the world’s critters & creatures as well. This means that most any animal or insect can flourish here if […]

03 Dec
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