Month: December 2014

Beetles Found in the House

Although there are a good number of beetles that can be found in Florida, there are only a few that are routinely found in the Florida home. Some prefer the indoors and some may come in after catching a ride on firewood or in grocery bags or other items brought in from outside. Red Flour […]

16 Dec
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What are voles?

A vole is a small rodent like creature that is often mistaken for a regular mouse at first glance.  Like a similarly-sounding pest – the mole – it digs tunnels underground and causes lots of damage.  Although they have similar names and similar digging behavior, moles and voles are actually not related at all. While […]

10 Dec
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For Floridians – what does a wetter winter mean?

Rumor and the TV weather-people tell us that El Nino is on the way this winter.  El Nino brings with it a wetter winter with some milder temperatures at the beginning of the winter.  If this is true, the combination of warmth and wetness may bring a higher incidence of ants, termites, cockroaches and mosquitoes. […]

05 Dec
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