Month: March 2024

types of ants and the bait they carry

Why Don’t Ants Carrying the Poisonous Bait Die?

Ant scouts will use something called chemosense to detect a food source. Ants can have up to 5 times the odor sensing ability as humans. This allows them to detect that tiny morsel of food which dropped from your plate and rolled under the couch. They use tiny receptors in the form of tiny bristles […]

21 Mar
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Wasp and hornet nest removal

How to Properly Dispose of a Hornets Nest

A hornets nest hanging under the eave of your home can be dangerous to you, loved ones or pets. The longer you put off dealing with the problem, the bigger the nest gets and the chances of getting attacked increase. Hornets and wasps can attack unprovoked. They are territorial and can see even just the […]

04 Mar
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