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Often times we live in or around areas and have never known their history. We just accept that a place exists and go about our every day life. That would be the general experience revolving around the town called Viera, Florida right here in Brevard County.

So, what is Viera? When did it begin? Who founded it? These are all good questions which we intend to answer today.


Viera is what is known as a planned community. A planned community is one where the design of the community is laid out from the start. The developers know exactly where the houses will go, utility plants, commercial buildings etc. Often times they will take on a geometric shape when viewed from the air or on a map. Other communities which are not planned are created on an ad hoc basis, or as needed, meaning the town will plan streets, buildings and layouts as it grows.

Ground broke on the Viera project in 1989. The project was initiated and developed by A. Duda and Sons. They bought this land when it was previously known as “Cocoa Ranch”. They named it Viera, which in Solvakian mean “faith”, in honor of the patriarch of the family Andrew Duda. He immigrated to the United States from what became Slovakia.

The community consists of an East and a West section. Each side has 38 neighborhoods. Five of those are “active adult communities” which only allow residents 55 years of age or older. At last census the town had about 17,500 residents. That census was ten years ago and the number is expected to be larger now.

Popular Sites

In 1991, 56 acres was partitioned for the new Brevard Zoo. The Zoo is still in operation today and boasts quite an impressive range of animal species. According to their website, the Zoo hosts about 400,000 guests annually, of which 44% are from outside the county of Brevard.

The Viera regional park was developed in 2007 on 7 acres of land. This area has sports fields and space where residents can enjoy the year-long warm weather.

Pest Control

Viera faces all the standard pest problems associated with Central Florida. Termites, ants, roaches, reptiles, bees, hornets, wasps, rodents and just about anything you can name live in Viera, Florida.

Sunstate Pest serves Viera Florida and has done so since its inception over 30 years ago. We are proud members of the Viera community. Learn more about the Viera Florida community here.

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